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For almost 30 years, Certified Tree Removal Services has been providing exceptional tree services in Georgia. We started as a roofing and gutter company, then added a small tree trimming service as part of that, and have since grown to a large tree care and removal service. We provide our services to both residential and business clients.

We understand that trees offer many benefits to a property. Trees can be beautiful in any season, provide shade, and help the environment. Trees, however, continually grow, and it is important that you regularly manage, inspect, trim and maintain your trees for optimal health and appearance.

When a tree becomes an issue on your property, it may be time to have it removed, but it certainly makes sense to have a qualified tree services professional come out and inspect it for you at no charge. We provide complete tree inspection prior to the tree removal services on any type of property. Trees that have been damaged by disease will be removed and disposed of properly.

We are pleased that we can also help you prepare for the summer storm season. Trimming your trees can help prevent loss of the tree as well as future personal or property damage. If your trees have been damaged from a storm we will gladly remove the damaged limbs or the entire tree to ensure that your property is safe.







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  • 3303 Buckeye Rd

    Atlanta, GA 30341

    Phone: (678) 922-0336

    FAX: 770-939-6260

  • 544 Mulberry St.
    Suite 61
    Macon, GA 31201
    Phone: 478-741-4515
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  • 3540 Wheeler Rd
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    Augusta, GA 30909
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